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gorilla dosha v2

By In House Genetics

Cherry Wanna {F}

By Bulletproof
Flap Jacks by In House Genetics

Banana Runtz Cake

By Thirteehills

Seeds Geek rule.  We made a super big purchase for our legal facility recently. Our team was blown away by the professionalism of service from the initial inquiry until we received the goods at the end! We would definitely buy again, and recommend them for any big or small purchase. You won’t be disspointed!

Kyle - California, USA

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Our online store carefully selects all cannabis seeds to ensure that we are only selling the top quality seeds available on the market.

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The Woah by Exotic Genetix

I love the freebies and customer service. At the end of the day you can buy your seeds from any US seed banks, but Seeds Geek is superior in both genetics and customer service. This is my favorite seed bank, because I see that they promote every breeders equally not just latest hype. 

James - Michigan, USA

Lit Farms

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Gorilla Puff

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Keep up on the latest tips on growing and how you can save money simply by growing your own. 

How to Properly Germinate Your Cannabis Seeds

How to Properly Germinate Your Cannabis Seeds

If you want to grow a cannabis garden the first step that needs to happen is a process called germination. It’s the process of the plant growing from the seed (also known as “popping”) and there are some simple steps you can follow to make sure this happens without a...

Ways to Support Heavy Buds on Your Plants

Ways to Support Heavy Buds on Your Plants

Anyone growing cannabis seeds wants their harvest to grow healthy and plentiful. But what happens if that ends up happening better than expected? Overly heavy buds can weigh down your plants and cause them to sag, and if this matter isn’t addressed the stem could...

How to Tell if You Have a Male or Female Plant

How to Tell if You Have a Male or Female Plant

So you’ve decided to enter the world of cannabis growing and start producing your own harvest - good on you! It's an amazing plant that has so many benefits for you to enjoy. But it’s not as simple as planting marijuana seeds and adding water. Did you know that...