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We pride ourselves on providing you with quality cannabis seeds.  Your harvest should never begin a with a second rate marijuana seeds.


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At Seeds Geek you are guarentee authentic genetics by verifiable U.S breeders. We offer a wide range of old school to modern cannabis seeds. More importantly you can grow a garden full of the  best cannabis cups’ winners. Search and hunt your next favorite strain today.

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Blueberry breath F2

A delicious cross of Blueberry Thai x Greatful Breath F2. True blueberry fans can appereciate the endless terps.

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Our specials and promotions page makes it easier for you to see the latest coupons, new lower prices on high end genetics, exclusive promotions from the breeders, even flash sales, and of course special holidays’ deals.

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Why grow feminized seeds? Simply higher cannabinoid and THC.  Some growers enjoy growing  feminized seeds because of recreational reasons like enjoying it’s deep eurphoric as well as the uplifting result that only feminized seed is sure to produce. 

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Skunk House
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Not sure how to grow? Where to start? Limited grow space? ” I can’t grow” Never say never. New tips and tricks publish fresh all year round via our geeky blog.

What are Cannabidiols? A Quick Review

What are Cannabidiols? A Quick Review

Take a moment to stop and think about the incredible progress cannabis has made over the past few decades - mind-blowing, isn’t it?  In some countries, cannabis has gone from being classified as a schedule 1 drug to becoming a bona fide treatment for a long list of...

Ways to Support Heavy Buds on Your Plants

Ways to Support Heavy Buds on Your Plants

Anyone growing cannabis seeds wants their harvest to grow healthy and plentiful. But what happens if that ends up happening better than expected? Overly heavy buds can weigh down your plants and cause them to sag, and if this matter isn’t addressed the stem could...

How to Properly Germinate Your Cannabis Seeds

How to Properly Germinate Your Cannabis Seeds

If you want to grow a cannabis garden the first step that needs to happen is a process called germination. It’s the process of the plant growing from the seed (also known as “popping”) and there are some simple steps you can follow to make sure this happens without a...

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