From two strains, begins a new hybrid

At Seeds Geeks, we have a world of different strains to choose from that stem from a diverse marijuana seed bank.


When two different strains are bred to create a totally new strain, this is called a hybrid. The original strains are the parent strains that essentially gave birth to this new creation. Making stronger and more pure strains is the fundamental reason behind cannabis breeding. Breeders will go a step further to add extra characteristics like increased potency or a specific aroma.

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Breeding Basics

While everyone loves female cannabis plants for their ability to produce sticky buds, male plants are important to the process of breeding to help pollinate female plants. There’s a world of options to choose from when breeding, but to yield a better product, it’s best to choose plants that have complimenting traits. The hybrid will become a stronger version of these plants yielding a superior product. 

It’s not necessary to have a large number of male plants for pollination. In fact, just one male plant can pollinate dozens of female plants. Once matured, the male plants will release pollen from newly formed pollen sacs and will travel to the female plants and pollinate them. Female plants will produce both buds and seeds, the latter of which will produce this newly formed strain. A good breeder knows the history of the seeds being used and their cross-breeding history. 


Our Cannabis Seed Bank

We provide an extensive list of top quality breeders to choose from. Each breeder offers a variety of strains that carry unique characteristics such as fruity aromas, colorful appearances, and different flavors. Our marijuana seed bank also contains male and female seeds for breeders who wish to create their own strains. The flowering time can vary from 30 days and up to 75 days and this information is provided in each product description on our website, along with the seeds lineage.

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