Luxury Seeds

Upgrade with rare to find seeds from verified US breeders. Grow your own top shelf.

Compound Genetics

Compound Genetics

It doesn’t matter what flavor you crave, Compound Genetics got you cover.

The Grape Gasoline line is nothing but pure fire. Luxury Seeds don’t come cheap, but you will be greatly rewarded.



  • Taste delicious
  • No trichomes or rosin shortage
  • High THC level
  • Connoisseurs approved

Exotic Genetix

The most afforadable luxury seeds any growers can get their hands on.

Exotic Genetix delivers premium result with endless satisfaction from the cannabis seeds first growth to the finish flowers.



  • Grow in any environment
  • Heavy producer
  • Unlimited rosin
  • Trichomes guarentee
  • Amazing Feminized and Regular lines
Exotic Genetixs
In House Genetics

In House Genetics

In House Genetics only produce heat! The latest one we adore Cakes N Cream. A cross of Platinum  X Pancakes.

What we love about this luxury line is In House Genetics offer superior seeds in both feminized and regular seeds, along with super heated freebies.



  • Always produces mega frost
  • Extremly easy to grow
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor
  • Can grow during any season
  • Heavy, heavy yielder
  • Lasting aroma and taste

Dying Breed Seeds

Dying Breed Seeds are the ultimate luxury of all seeds. Starting at $350 -500 max per pack you are guarantee to find the hottest diamonds out there.

Some of the heat they produce include Grape Drank, Lemon Roze, Mango Money and Frosted Frittlez. We don’t recommend this seed line to new growers for the obvious reasons, price.



  • 100% Fire
  • Not for everyone
  • Immaculate result
  • EXPENSIVE… but worth it
  • Rare to find
Dying breed seeds