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Planet Pork is a cross of Planet Plush and our Hogzilla stud. Our Planet Plush cut was gifted to us by @billytheKid556 and has been in our garden for the past few years. A creation originally made by Exoticgenetix it is Predator Pink x Starfighter. She is super resonious and girthy. She give a slightly racey narcodic effect and gives off a suddle rose hip, floral yet, fruity aroma. Flavor on the tonge is the same, a mouth full of roses and berries. We at Andromeda were looking to increase the yeild and shorten the height of Planet Plush. We hit her with the Hogzilla pollen because of his heavy yeilding and exremely potent indica dominate genetics. The colors should also push through. He also adds a incredible lemon, blackberry flavor which almost masks the floral rose hip aroma and taste. Expect huge colorful resin coated flowers with a high that has no ceiling! Planet Pork will take you on a ride to the far depths of outter space!!!

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