Fast Buds – Grapefruit (5pack)


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Short Description:

We have created a real grapefruit in cannabis form for lovers of the

bitter, sweet and citrus flavors of this fruit. Grapefruit is autoflowering

and feminized, and a very productive and powerful hybrid. We


developed an autoflowering version of a Vancouver Sour Citrus, th


result is a fast growing strain with great potential.


Its flavor is very sweet, typical of strains of marijuana found in

California, with bitter a aftertaste that’s evident on the palate.


Within seconds it causes a well balanced high that induces brain

stimulation, and has a significant calming impact on the body. As with

its horticulture, its buzz is harmonious; its effect is a balance between

Sativa speediness and Indica couchlock, all bathed with a powerful

aroma of grapefruit. Her fans say she’s an ideal strain to smoke during

the day since Grapefruit enhances mood and sharpens the senses.

This variety is ideal for long working days that are made enjoyable with

her strong aroma of grapefruit.


It performs fine when grown indoors as well as outdoors, but is best

suited to grow cabinets, where it can yield 600 grams per m (1.3

pounds per light). Outdoor yields have been recorded at approximately

300 grams per plant (10 oz). Lovers of citrus will have a wonderful

experience growing this variety. They’ll love its lemon, bitter orange,

and grapefruit aromas that will perfume the grow area during its


growth cycle It grows quite rapidly, with the period from germination to

harvest lasting a scant eight and a half weeks. Plus, it doesn’t require

special care to any great extent, just a little natural fertilizer and good

exposure to light. It is a small plant, not exceeding 90 cm (35 inches),

but can readily fill an entire room with its odor. So if your neighbors are

allergic to grapefruit, you should install odor filters! Despite its short

size, it builds up a thick main stem, with secondary lateral branches

covered with buds that are compact and resinous. Its potent, aromatic

buds display surprisingly dramatic orange and yellow colors.

It has a high percentage of cannabinoids: 19% THC and 1% CBD.

Rest assured that it exerts powerful effects on the mind and body.


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