Romulan Genetics – Ring Of Fire (F1) (F)


12 (F) Seeds Per Pack

Lineage: (Hawaiian x Alaskan x Khandahar x Hindu) x (Thai x Colombian x Mexican x Afghani)​


Flowering Time: 63-70 Days

Double Poly-Hybrid

1.5-2x Stretch during flowering

Medium Yield

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Ring of Fire is a very special cultivar for us here at RG. This was created with the intention of making a phenohunters cultivar, with lots of variety among the progeny while remaining fairly similar. We are extremely happy with the results. She has a sativa dominant effect, and is very potent. Delicious tropical flavors, that bring a wave of body flushing and tingles washing from head to toe on your initial toke. It melts into your body, and sends your head on a journey of energetic bliss. She tends to be a little finicky to grow, and is recommended for intermediate level growers. There will be a wide variety of phenotypes, but many will be very similar in taste and effects.

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