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10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

Lineage: Banana OG x Purple Punch



A true hash All-Star! Our exclusive phenotype of Banana Punch has a hazy tropical essence with notes of banana rind and freshly cut pineapple. The flavor & high is similar to Banana OG, but with added tropical sweetness & indica strength.

Phenotype #9 delivers a heavy long-lasting high starts in the head and creeps into the body. Both the ‘ffwp’ ice water hash and live resin extracted from this cultivar come out absolutely superb. Concentrates extracted from Banana Punch 9 have remarkable indica strength, and make for an excellent night capper. This is one of our favorites in extract form, but we’re very fond of the flowers too.


Banana OG x Purple Punch F2 bred by Symbiotic Genetics. Phenotype #9 stood out amongst the other phenotypes we grew from seed because of its tropical pineapple undertones, heavy indica high, & supreme quality ice wax. We discovered a lot of nice phenotypes, but none of them had the tropical pineapple undertones and heaviness of Phenotype #9.


The aroma has notes of unripened green banana and fresh pineapple; similar to Banana OG, but with added sweet velvety pineapple sorbet in the mix. In flower & ice wax form Banana Punch 9 produces a hazy wispy earthy chalky vapor with hints of banana rind. The tropical pineapple sorbet taste really shines through in live resin form.


Banana Punch 9 delivers a long-lasting creeping indica high that starts in the head and fades into the body. The cerebral properties are very tranquil, hazy, stoney, and trance-like. The body-high is heavy, sedative, analgesic, & very medicinal.


In solventless form the flavor retains the ‘fresh hazy green banana rind’ essence of Banana OG. The sweet pineapple undertones really come to the foreground when extracted into live resin hash oil. Taking dabs of Banana Punch 9 extract produces a remarkably long-lasting & heavy indica effect.

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