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Lineage: Clementine x Purple Punch


This one can best be described as “citrus grape gummy worm euphoric bliss!” Mimosa V6 is probably the most popular & beloved “citrus genre” cultivar in our strain collection. This cultivar has a wonderful cheesy creamy citrusy terpene profile with notes of fresh orange peels & grape candy. It radiates the essence of SuperNova’s Purple Punch, Crockett’s Tangie, and DNA’s Lemon Skunk. The Clementine really shines through on the V6 phenotype with added grape gummy worm essence from its Purple Punch F2 ancestry. The V6 phenotype was selected for its rich velvety citrus-grape essence, as well as its powerful effect that delivers both euphoric energy & soothing tranquility at the same time. Produces otherworldly THCA live-resin!


Mimosa is a cross of Clementine (female) with Purple Punch F2 (male) bred by Symbiotic Genetics. Our exclusive “V6” phenotype was selected by us while testing seeds for Symbiotic Genetics. This phenotype has a beautiful balance of Clementine and Purple Punch properties.


Vaporizing this strain fills the room with a rich citrusy skunky fragrance that’s very much like Clementine, but smoother & sweeter. The V6 pheno delivers a smooth velvet-like variation on Clementine’s bold citrus-&-skunk essence. On exhale, Mimosa V6’s vapor has a rich complex creamy flavor with undertones of fresh tangerine peels, grape candy, & earthy GDP.


The high can best be described as ‘smooth coasting energized euphoria’. Starts off with radiating hazy euphoric energy, and fades into a smooth stoney relaxing trance. The effect is energizing and blissful, while also wrapping the body in a cozy blanket of soothing indica warmth. Fills the mind & body with a warm zen-like sense of energy and balance. Mimosa V6 delivers the uplifting euphoric properties of Clementine while also retaining the serene tranquilizing nature of Purple Punch. Great for afternoon, or anytime really! The THCA produced from the MimosaV6 phenotype delivers an incredibly strong full-bodied euphoric high that will really get on top of you fast.


Patients might find this variety particularly ideal for increasing energy while decreasing anxiety. Great for elevating mood and increasing energy, but also has the medicinal strength needed to decrease pain and nausea.


Produces phenomenal live-resin, particularly the THCA extracted from making sauce.

In extract form it further expresses the qualities of Clementine with a rich & smooth orange terpene profile and powerful euphoric high.

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