Anyone growing cannabis seeds wants their harvest to grow healthy and plentiful. But what happens if that ends up happening better than expected? Overly heavy buds can weigh down your plants and cause them to sag, and if this matter isn’t addressed the stem could eventually snap. If that happens, it’s lights out for your perfect harvest!

Luckily, this less than ideal scenario can be avoided by implementing any one of the following methods of support:

1. Strings and Stakes Method

If you’ve ever seen a homegrown vegetable garden you’ve probably seen fruits and vegetable plants tied up to stakes coming out of the ground. This prevents heavy fruits like tomatoes from hindering the growth of the stem. Well, the same technique can be used when your weed seeds start to produce big beautiful buds. If you don’t have stakes at your disposal you can simply use string to tie the end of the branch bearing the heavy bud to the stem. This alleviates the weight of the bud on the branch.

If you do have stakes, plant the stake into the soil close to the main stem and on the same side as the heavy bud. Make sure to tie the branch as close as possible to where the bud is growing. Remember to use synthetic materials! Organic materials can develop mold/mildew that can eventually cause rotting and destroy your crops.

2. Trellising Method

This method involves supporting the growth of your plants using a wide-framed mesh. It gives you the advantage of good support, maximizing the space between your buds, and good overall growth space.



Trellising is done horizontally by suspending a trellis above your plants. This involves the heavier parts of the plant to be held above the trellis and this is referred to as the “screen of green” method. Be forewarned that this method isn’t easy! Your garden will have to be grown with more precision; pruning and growth direction will also need to be taken into account. If you’re a novice grower this isn’t the best option for you, unless you’re being guided by someone with experience.

3. Wire Tomato Cages

This method of plant support involves growing your plants in tomato cages. The result? The branches of the plants have support wires all the way around to depend on. Since the shape of tomato cages don’t mirror the shape of a growing plant, you may need to use strings at the bottom parts of the plants to help stabilize it to the cage. Also, take into account that this isn’t the best option for young plants as it can hinder the ability to get your lamps close enough to them.

4. Plant Yoyos

Plant yoyos are a less invasive way to support your plant. This method involves small plastic hooks that attach to string, which is then attached to the ceiling of your grow tent. The hooks attach to a small part of your plant and the weight is then distributed to your tent. Since hooks only touch a minimal part of your plant, they cause very little damage.

5. Improve Plant Strength with Fertilizer (Silica)


Photo: GreenHouse MegaStore

Lastly, a healthy diet isn’t just good for humans, it’s good for your plants too! Supplying your soil with nutrients like calcium, potassium, and phosphorus will allow your plants to develop strong stems and branches. A good choice is Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt Silicon Solution.

Make sure you analyze well which of these methods best suit your needs when growing your beloved cannabis seeds. Happy growing!